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Our mission is to provide a SAFE SPACE FOR YOUTH AND KIDS TO GROW. 

Here are a few things you should know:


1. What's the Address? | Groups will be held at 1340 North Hazel St. St Paul MN 55119 (The Refuge Church)

2.  How many times a month will the group meet? | Groups will meet at least once a month, dates will be posted. 

3. How many teachers will be on staff? | We will have at least 4 Volunteer Adult Staff and 3 Teen Adult Staff. 

4. What are the ages? | Ages are 10-13

5. Will there be lunch and snacks? | YES...Lunch and Snacks will be provided. 

6. What will my child be doing? | Morning Worship-Art & Spoken Word-Lunch-Rec-Financial Literacy...and much more

7. How many Kids can attend? | We currently have 30 spaces open each weekend. 

8. This sounds great, How much does it cost? | $5 a weekend, This is for lunch and Teen Stipends. Scholarships are available. Donations welcomed

9. What are the times? | 10am-3pm Saturday's


SUPPORT US Please note, that you will be directed to a secure, third-party site.

At The Refuge, we teach Biblical tithing, which we believe means that we are to give our first 10% or more (our "first fruits") to our local church's overall ministry. Giving to R-Kids Weekend Experience, which is a ministry of The Refuge Church, is an opportunity for you to give "above and beyond" your tithe to The Refuge Church or whichever church you call home. We are grateful for your faithful and generous giving--you are making a lasting impact!

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This is a great way for R-Teens to learn leadership and make a few dollars ($$$) in the process. All R-Teen Volunteers will receive a Youth Stipend every 3 months, and an opportunity to go to Six Flags in Summer 2023.

Sign Up TODAY!

R-Kids Weekend Experience
R-Kids Weekend Experience
Multiple Dates
Jul 09, 2022, 10:00 AM
R-Kids WkEnd Expo


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