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3rd Annual - BIG GIVE

The Refuge Church is dedicated to helping families move forward. 


God so love the world He gave...


We are giving $10,000 on Christmas Day to be a blessing to families and individuals in our community. If you have a need, sign up TODAY!

Examples: Bills, Utilities, Car Payments, Mortgage/Rent other...



Worship Service 11am 

The Big Give is CLOSED. All gifts will be given out on December 25th, 11am at The Refuge Chruch. 

God has Blessed The Refuge Church and we want to bless YOU!


The Refuge Church is sponsoring its 3rd Annual BIG GIVE. 


The BIG GIVE is an opportunity for The Refuge Church to give back to our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  If you have a need or want this holiday season, please complete the registration form below for your chance to be chosen.

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