R-Free Store Partners

Please contact one of our partners to receive a voucher to R-Free Store. The vouchers a 100% FREE. After receiving a voucher from one of our partners and prepare to come into R-Free Store to get the items you need. 

Twin Cities Partners                                

1. The Refuge Church                                            

Address - 867 Pierce Butler Rte, St Paul MN 55104

Email - admin@therefugemn.com   

2. Proverbs Christian Fellowship                                         

info coming soon

3. Experience Neshema                                                     

info coming soon

4. Great & Mighty Works Ministries                                     

info coming soon

5. Safe Families                                                                   

info coming soon 

6. Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministries           

info coming soon

7. The Way Church                                                               

info coming soon

Fists in Solidarity

Become A Partner

Our Partnerships with churches, community centers, and other organizations are the key to connecting people to the resources they need to build strong families. If your organization would like to become a partner please fill out an application. Thank you.